Grant McDowell

Senior Pastor

Many of Grant’s treasured memories include family camping trips. In fact, his favourite places are the mountains where he enjoys hiking. He has been a pastor for more than 33 years, and is continually amazed at the passionate, loving, creative people he has the privilege of leading. Grant enjoys people of all ages and likes listening to the hopes and dreams of younger people. Inspiring and equipping them toward being all that God created, called, and gifted them to be gives him deep joy. He likes expressing his thoughts about faith and life through writing, speaking, and conversation. He and his wife Donna have three grown children. Grant earned a Doctor of Ministry degree at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and has self-published two books: Bruised Knuckles and Other Lessons in Faith – reflections on reality from a mentor’s heart, and Please God, Let There Be Another Boom – faith and hope at work in lean times and good times. Because he considers each day a gift, he regards today as the best day of his life.