About the Library

The best way to get an appreciation for what our chruch library has to offer is to stop in and take a look for yourself, or we'd love to show you around.

There is an excellent selection of non-fiction titles that can help you in your personal and spiritual growth. Fiction books that range from easy reading romance to more involved mystery or historical books both for men and women. Also a must see is our selection of DVD's and childrens books.

Library Hours

Summer Hours
Starting the third weekend in June and ending in September the library will be open on Sundays as staffing allows throughout the summer.

Sunday mornings the library typically open after the service from approximately 11:15am to 11:30pm. It may be closed on holiday weekends and any Sunday where there is a special large event occurring (e.g. Mother's Day, Christmas).

Books and/or videos may be returned any time the church is open. There is a book/DVD slot to the left of the library doors.

Library Policy

Library cards are required to borrow items from our library. If you are a regular attendee of the Cranbrook Alliance Church and do not yet have a Library Card please stop in and talk to the Librarian on Sunday morning to apply for a card.

Our lending period is three weeks for books and one week for DVD's. If you have item(s) overdue, you will not be able to check out a new item until the overdue item(s) are either renewed or returned. After an item is three months overdue there will be an item replacement charge issued.

You may renew items Sunday mornings, over the phone during office hours or by emailing the church office.

Please note you are responsible to replace items you have borrowed
if they are lost or damaged.