Mens Prayer

"Fast Fridays" &
Thursday Early Morning Mens Breakfast

Every Thursday morning between 6:00am and 7:45am, men are invited to rise with the sun and meet at McDonald's Restaurant. The purpose is twofold: to enjoy the fellowship of other Christian brother's and to pray for the needs that arise out of the morning's discussion.

The purpose of Fast Friday is to set aside a time during Friday to pray and give praise for various items discussed during the Thursday Early Morning Breakfast. The idea is to give up a meal on Friday (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) and spend that time with God in prayer. Hold on and be ready as God challenges us and as we see prayers answered.

Thursday Early Morning Breakfast started in the summer of 2008 with a few guys that saw a need to just get together with other guys on a regular basis. Fast Friday was an idea Ryan Walter had dropped on us a couple years ago when he was here in Cranbrook.

The other idea with Fast Friday is that the money for the meal not purchased be thrown into a pot and then as a group we can pick a project or a need to support some time down the road or on an as needed basis.

Thursday Early Morning Breakfast, Fast Friday, and throwing money in a pot are completely optional and you are welcome to participate in any or all of these activities, or none from week to week and from time to time. Thursday Early Morning Breakfast is a somewhat unstructured time to get together with brothers, and topic of conversation will change from week to week, (sports, weather, needs, family, praise, requests, scripture reading, prayer, laughing, crying - as the Holy Spirit leads).It is open to invite whomever you think would enjoy.

Before Friday morning an e-mail will be sent out of all new prayer and praise items. The items listed by e-mail will be brief as a reminder of Thursday morning discussions.