CAC Worship Arts Ministries

At Cranbrook Alliance Church, we believe in using the creative arts like music, drama, visual arts, multimedia, etc. to inspire people in fresh and creative ways. We also believe that the arts play a valuable role in our lives as we grow in faith as believers and worship Jesus together. The people who are involved in our Worship/Arts ministries attend CAC on a regular basis. They feel blessed and called by God to use their area of giftedness to serve our congregation and community. Though we are involved with some opportunities “outside the walls” of CAC, your Worship Arts ministry team is committed to our weekly services and various events. Having said that, we believe the best opportunities to reach the lost and hurting will happen throughout the week. Our desire is that each of us are challenged and inspired to take the good news of Jesus, our Savior, Sanctifier, Healer and coming King, and share it throughout our community, in whatever way we have been gifted and called to do so.

How Do I Get Connected?
Auditions/Assessments are required for all WAM ministry areas. This process varies from one ministry to another. Musicians and vocalists can contact Pastor Grant to request more information or to set up a personal audition/assessment. For vocalists and musicians, this process also includes a probationary period where ability continues to undergo assessment until a final decision is reached. We desire to see you grow in the use of your gifting and will assist where possible with coaching referrals and various resources.

Dramatists, Video /Sound Technicians and those interested in undergoing training in these areas can also contact Pastor Jordan.